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Publishing content

You want to keep parents, students, employees, and community members informed about school events.

The agendas of school board meetings, cafeteria menus, a gallery of outstanding student work, or updates on what each class is currently studying would all make great content for your web site. You're not short of ideas, just the resources to make it happen.  Of course, the bigger challenge is to keep your web site information current.

Use the power of FirstClass conferences to empower the stakeholders to publish and maintain their own content.


Create a conference to publish volunteer opportunities at the school. Let the School Admin group control the contents of this conference.  Once you've completed the setup, the members of the School Admin group will announce any new opportunities and delete out of date content.

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Create a calendar that will be used by the School Admin group to publish school events.  Once you've completed the setup, the School Admin group will maintain the calendar.

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