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Creating new web pages

Publish information while it's still current. Build your web site with FirstClass documents. Add text. Add links. Add graphics. Concentrate on the message, not the technology.  

Adding a Site Web Page

To create a Site Web Page choose File >New > New Document Special > Site Web Page.

When viewed with a web browser, Site Web Page documents have a small company logo at the top of the page, and an advertising logo at the bottom of the page.

In addition to the Site Web Page document you can also use a document or a Personal Web Page document. If you are viewing this page with a web browser, view a Document now. View a Personal Web Page now.

Add visual elements to your web pages

Use the Format > Style menu or the toolbar to add styled and colored text to your web pages. visual interest to your documents or messages by adding images. Copy and paste, or drag and drop any .jpg, .png, .pict, or .bmp to the document.

You can use a few lines of HTML within any document or message, by selecting the text and choosing Format > Style > Literal HTML. The following adds the banner.gif image to this page. The image is located in Internet Services > WWW > Images.

If you are viewing this document with the client you'll see the HTML; however, when you view this page with a web browser the image will be displayed.

Yes, you can create your web site with an HTML editor. You can upload HTML files. You can create FirstClass documents and include HTML. But only if you want to.

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