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Creating links
Creating special links

Help people navigate your site with links to folders, conferences, messages, uploaded files, or documents.

Sample Folder
This link was created by selecting the Sample folder, and dragging a link onto this document.

Sample Document
This link takes a visitor to a document within the Sample Folder.

Creating links

Using the FirstClass client, create a link to the Publishing Content page.  

With this document open, do this:

1   Open the SampleWebSite conference.
2   Select the Publishing Content document.
3   Drag the document to this page.
4   Drop the link just below this text.

You can also use pictures to create links.

Use the star picture to make a link.
1   Select the star picture.
2   Choose Edit > Insert > Make Link.
3   A Format Link form will appear.
4   Open the SampleWebSite conference.
5   Select the Publishing Content document.
6   Drag the document to the Target URL field.
7   Click OK.

Close this document, then test your links with a web browser.

You can also create special links to open a search page, search the Directory, or let people register on your system.  Click here to learn more.

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